Twistcar Roller Twist Car Kids Ride On Wiggle Outdoor Play Swing Vehicle Blue

Product DescriptionWincell Twistcar is a great, innovative toy for children to play. Great for indoor and outdoor it uses friction against the floor in order to propel the car forward in a fun, terrific manner. Twistcar doesn't need battery or pedals to move, and riders can interact with the car fully by using their hands to move the car by turning the steering wheel right and left continuously or just push the car forward with their feet against the ground. Designed to stimulate children's learning capability and at the same time give them a nice workout. The streamlined and colorful twistcar requires no batteries, gears, or pedals--simply hop on and go. Turning the steering wheel propels the vehicle forward and steers it as well. The easy operation will have your child driving, turning, and cruising all over the house in no time. Recommended for kids aged three and up. It wil holds up to 220 pounds so older children and even parents can have fun with this. My kids grew up with these and even at 10 years of age they still use them. It is by far the safest toy around compared to skate boards, roller blades etc... since it has two wheels in the back and it will make it extremely steady so that kids would not loose control and all they have to do is to put their foot down to slow down and or stop. Try using it on a smooth surface for maximum fun and for your kids to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination safely.Using this car is not only fun but it is important because of the workout/exercise factor not to mention keeping the kids occupied for hours. Young kids who have trouble propelling the car forward by steering can have fun by pushing off with their feet. There is no charging, no motor, no breaks nor any electronic equipment to worry about maintenance. It has a relatively quiet operation for indoor and outdoor use and with its humming sound you would know that the kids are having fun. Please supervise young kids in downhill slopes to make sure that they don't go too fast. I remember my kids used to do that and although we never had any issues I would still watch them specially if they are going downhill. Meant to be used on a smooth, flat, hard surface and will not function properly on carpet, grass, gravel, sand or any soft surfaces. Always use safety equipment with young kids. This is the best toy for your kids and I bet they will use them more than any of their other toys. Support up to 220 lbs.It twistin fun!Ages 3+

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